Satisfying investors, AIDUSPAY
AIDUSPAY Operation
AIDUSPAY operates using FOREX Trading. AIDUS QTS is optimized for Forex Trading,
allowing for very safe and high profit operation.
The excellence has been proved through 20 years of development period and nearly 4 years of operation.
What is FOREX Trading?
Foreign exchange market, known as "Forex", is a spot market where individuals directly trade foreign currencies, and refers to over-the-counter foreign currency exchanges.
The FX margin trading market is currently the world's most liquid financial market, more than 100 times the daily trading volume of the global stock market.
While general currency exchange is the exchange of local and foreign currencies, FX margin trading is carried out in pairs of 'base currency / relative currency', which generates profits through exchange gains.
FX margin trading consists of a combination of eight currencies, including the US dollar and the Euro.
Buying means buying the base currency and selling the other currency at the same time, and selling means selling the base currency and buying the other currency.
For example, if you buy EUR / USD, you buy the base currency EUR and sell the other currency USD. If you sell AUD / CAD, you sell the base currency AUD and buy CAD.
Individual investors can trade up to 50-400 times their holdings by depositing a margin of 0.25% to 2% to a futures brokerage company, so that they can earn high profits with very little investment.
This product uses the four currency pairs with the highest trading volume: USD, CNY, JPY and EUR.
AIDUSPAY product composition.
AIDUSPAY currently operates using 100% Forex Trading, and plans to operate various derivatives by combining various asset management products.
In addition, through AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform, we will combine the world's best investment products with the AIDUS QTS to place even better products within ADFP and launch more investments using AIDUS TOKEN V2.
1. AIDUSPAY의 세계 최초의 세가지 약속.
  • 연 수익율 12% 보장 (순수하게 투자자에게 지급되는 수익금 기준)
  • 투자 토큰 100% 보장
  • 이자는 매일 지급
2. AIDUSPAY 가입 방법 :
  • 가입 메뉴 이용.
  • 간단한 본인 인증 후 결제
  • 결제는 AIDUS TOKEN으로 간단 결제
  • 통화 지역에 관계없이 세계 어디서라도 AIDUS TOKEN만 있으면 가입 가능합니다.
3. AIDUSPAY 일 수익 정산.
  • 매일 발생하는 수익금은 매일 현금처럼 사용 가능합니다.
  • 매일, 수익금은 AIDUS TOKEN 및 이더리움으로 수령 가능합니다.
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4. 추천인을 통한 추가 수익.
  • 친구에게 지인에게 카톡 블로그 등으로 간단하게 AIDUS PAY를 소개해 주세요.
  • 친구 또는 지인이 AIDUS PAY에 가입 후 투자시, 친구 또는 지인의 총 투자금 중 0.5%를 추천인 수익금으로 지급해 드립니다.
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